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Anonymous asked: Here lemme check your temperature ~puts hand on your forehead~ hm. Hmm. Ah. Yes. Just as i expected. You're totally cute

cheesy things are great ahah but aww anon

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Anonymous asked: your responses are so cute i can't breathe

I seriously think you should come off anon right about now! taa

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Anonymous asked: well i saw some other anons and felt bad that i wasn't complimenting you because i think very highly of you and i just had to contribute to the niceness. So hey, it's multiple people who think great things about you

naww you and your niceness!

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Anonymous asked: hi you're really very cool and you post great stuff and yeah just wow you're a magnificent human being and on top of everything you're very attractive. lucky you! goodbye, have a nice day

why is someone (or people) being very nice today? ahah

but awhh, youre a little cutie aren’t you!

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Anonymous asked: You're totally adorable

pfft says you!

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Anonymous asked: More like 17, English, and hot

More like 17, English and not

(I did a slight thing) but u lil cutie aw

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